Projects 2018 Fair Grand Prizes

Posted by Daniel Olsen | 10/15/2018

Congratulations fo all participants in the Projects Fair this year!

Here are the Grand Prize winners:

Original Composition (Jr.): Addie Gleason and Adam McFarland
Original Composition (Sr.): Alex Turner and Jayden Monson

Performance (Jr.): Grayson Maxfield
Performance (Sr.): Lily Eliason and Annie Poulsen

Research Paper: Julia Morgan

Display (Jr.): Heather Judd and Joshua Wright
Display (Sr.): Kayla Houghton

Multi-Media Narrative : Caleb Gordon

Keyboard Competition 2018 Winners

Posted by Daniel Olsen | 09/23/2018

Congratulations to all the performers in the Keyboard Competition this year! Word is that the level of playing was really wonderful as always. Here are the winners:

Division I

1st Place: Tyne Bryant (Fox)
2nd Place: King Madsen (Fox)
3rd Place: Devree Woodhouse (Fox)

Honorable Mentions:
Liam McCuistion (Brantley)
Julian Dastrup (Olsen)
Kathryn Rowley (Nixon)

Division II

1st Place: Alan Judson (Merkley)
2nd Place: Henry Kimball (Fox)
3rd Place: Joshua Crump (Hall)

Honorable Mentions:
Claire Archibald (Fox)
Addie Gleason (Gleason)
Erin Hughes (Nixon)

Division III

1st Place: Dora Meiwes (Fox)
2nd Place: Sabrina Allen (Fox)
3rd Place: Cheryl Qian (Fox)

Honorable Mention:
Alivia Heise (Williams)
Rachel Johnson (Williams)
Marquessa Torbensen (van der Beek)

Division IV

1st Place: Jayden Monson (Winters)
2nd Place: Faith Nixon (Fox)
3rd Place: Beth VanDam (van der Beek)

Honorable Mention:
Hannah Baker (Fox)
Christine Cui (Fox)
Jenaya van der Beek (Fox)

Congatulations to the students and their wonderful teachers!

Keyboard Conpetition Finalists 2018

Posted by Daniel Olsen | 09/21/2018

Congratulations to the finalists in Divisions I, II, III, and IV for the Keyboard Competition.

Division I

#101 Liam McCuistion
#104 Tyne Bryant
#106 Julian Dastrup
#109 King Madsen
#113 Kathryn Rowley
#114 Devree Woodhouse

Division II

#203 Claire Archibald
#210 Addie Gleason
#213 Erin Hughes
#214 Alan Judson
#215 Henry Kimball
#228 Joshua Crump

Division III

#301 Sabrina Allen
#311 Alivia Heise
#313 Rachel Johnson
#319 Dora Meiwes
#323 Cheryl Qian
#326 Marquessa Torbensen

Division IV

#402 Hannah Baker
#405 Christine Cui
#416 Jayden Monson
#420 Faith Nixon
#424 Beth VanDam
#425 Jenaya Van der Beek

2018 Medallions

Posted by Janae Williams | 05/09/2018

2 year
Kira Lund
Emma Evans
Carter Borget

4 year
Sofia Sibio
Caleb Gordon
Alivia Heise

6 year
Sarah Webb

10 year
Rachel Mortensen

2018 Concerto Cup Recipients

Posted by Janae Williams | 05/09/2018

30 Point Cup
Megan Hunsaker
Cooper Skousen
Ben Allred
Kate Denney
Miranda Judson
Grace Liu
Anna Liu
Elizabeth Webb

15 Point Cup
Jarom Beck
Lucas Turner
Joshua Buhler
Joshua Crump
Alli Denney
Spencer Gordon
Brayden Hahn
Kayla Haughton
Hazel Heise
Rachel Johnson
Caleb Judd
Ethan Judd
Alan Judson
Kunal Kamtekar
Madison McMurray
Megan Mickelson
Brandon Poulsen
Alyssa Rhoades
Nathan Seamons
Zoe Smith
Jenna Smith
David White
Megan White

2018 Solo Cup Recipients

Posted by Janae Williams | 05/09/2018

45 Point Cup
Will Merkley

30 Point Cup
Candace Sellers
Michael Sellers
Joel Woolley
Ben Allred
Grace Liu
Anna Liu
Rylee Pendleton
Megan Robison
Courtney Sellers
Elle Stott
Alex Turner
Sarah Webb
Kate Denney
Elizabeth Hunsaker
Cassidy Merrell
Leah Pollock
Mackensie Sellers
Seth Winters
Peyton Woodley

15 Point Cup
Isaac Harkness
Brandon Judd
Ryan Lindsey
Max Fraser
Kelsey Berges
Samuel Bird
Sunny Blair
Taylor Brown
Eve Gundersen
Kayla Haughton
Jayden Monson
Samantha Osmond
Andrew Pitcher
Allie Ray
David White
Erik Anderson
Ginger Ballstaedt
Allison Bryner
Joshua Crump
Alli Denney
Spencer Gordon
Lydia Haddock
Wilson Haddock
Bridie Harkness
Hazel Heise
Rachel Johnson
Alan Judson
Adam McFarland
James Moore
Samuel Olsen
Brandon Poulsen
Nathan Seamons
Sadie Smith

2017 Ensemble Cup Recipients

Posted by Janae Williams | 05/09/2018

60 Point Cup
Roxanna Mortensen

45 Point Cup
Marisa Crist
Tucker Williams

30 Point Cup
Maren Everitt
Michael Sellers
Jane Wilson
Jenny Bryner
Jesse Chou
Elizabeth Hunsaker
Isa Irwin
Sadie Lehnhof
Grace Liu
Anna Liu
Madison McMurray
Megan Mickelson
Alyssa Rhoades
Emma Robison
Mackensie Sellers
Courtney Sellers
Alex Turner
Sarah Webb

15 Point Cup
Natalie Bryner
Caleb Judd
Ethan Judd
Carolyn Allen
Jarom Beck
Abbey Burton
Kathrine Cox
Ellery Davidson
Asia Eyre
Chandler Eyre
Spencer Gordon
Hazel Heise
Rebecca Hilton
Rachel Johnson
Ella Larsen
Brady Mark
Jayden Monson
Brandon Poulsen
Eric Rasmussen
Allie Ray
Will Stancil
Grace Thatcher
David White

Concerto Honors Recital

Posted by Jill Winters | 04/28/2018

Division I -
Nathan Seamons (Hall)
Claire Corbridge (Hall)
Alli Denney (Hyde)
James Moore (Draper)

Division 2A -
Sofia Sibil (Williams)
Lizzie Hudson (Merkley)
Joshua Crump (Hall)
Allison Walters (Brantley)
Rachel Dixon (Weiss)

Division 2B
Mike Moore (Draper)
AnnaLee Wright (Williams)
Tesha Rhoades (Gleason)
Rachel Johnson (Williams)

Div 3 -
Will Merkley (Merkley)
Andrea Carlson (Hyde)
Hailey Derrington (Hall)

Div 4 -
Jayden Monson (Winters)
Talia Erickson (Winters)
Elizabeth Webb (Williams)

Sr. Solo Festival Honors

Posted by Jill Winters | 02/24/2018

IIIA Honors
107 Dorrie Twede (Janae Williams)
123 Addie Hudson (Amy Merkley)
129 Ella Larsen (Carmen Hall)
128 Isaac Harkness (Debbie Augustus)
143 Chase Burton (Jill Winters)
144 Thys Hansen (Jill Winters)
145 Emily Jacob (Jill Winters)
146 Tanner Ray (Debbie Augustus)
147 Sarah Joy Rowley (Amanda Nixon)
169 Marquessa Torbensen (Ralph van der Beek)
173 Ally Wright (Lynsie Brown)
179 Cooper Skousen (Susan Baugh)

Honorable Mention IIIA
158 Chase Tovey (Lynsie Brown)
114 Sarah Webb (Janae Williams)
166 Nate LeMonnier (Daniel Olsen)
112 Miranda Judson (Amy Merkley)
175 Raquel Christenson (Carmen Hall)
176 Spencer Wikle (Margaret Burr)
183 Jacob Allen (Daniel Olsen)

IIIB Honors
202 Will Merkley (Amy Merkley)
203 Megan Robinson (Marci Merrell)
208 Ben Allred (Janalyn Hyde)
232 Henry Neilson (Daniel Olsen)
217 Abby Burton (Jill Winters)
231 Talmage Bergeson (Lori Weiss)

Honorable Mention: 221 Davis Broekman (Daniel Olsen)

IV Honors
303 Joel Woolley (Sharalyn Heath)
304 James Pyper (Amy Merkley)
314 Ethan Hardy (Daniel Olsen)
336 Beth VanDam (Ralph van der Beek)
323 Sarah Hilton (Janalyn Hyde)
326 Jayden Monson (Jill Winters)

Honorable Mention:
327 Carolyn Allen (Amanda Nixon)
324 Talia Erickson (Jill Winters)
319 Brandon Judd (Lynsie Brown)

Jr. Solo Festival Honors

Posted by Jill Winters | 02/10/2018

The students chosen for the honors recital are found below. Please contact Tami Varner with which piece your student will be playing and if they would like to be in the 5:30 pm or 6:30 pm recital on Tuesday, February 13th. Just a reminder that if your student is not able to attend the recital, they will not receive their honors reward money.

Division I
Charlee Crump (Carmen Hall)
James Moore (Jessica Draper)
Matthew Simper (Maria Heward)
Easton Payne (Jessica Draper)
William Olsen (Amy Merkley)
Kathryn Rowley (Amanda Nixon)

Division IIA
Toby Seegmiller (Sarah Mano)
Erin Hughes (Amanda Nixon)
Hyrum Rowley (Amanda Nixon)
Michael Heward (Maria Heward)
Ellie Veenker (Jill Ensign)
Erik Anderson (Jenilyn Anderson)
Kaylee Rogers (Christy Alger)
Beckham Gerstner (Jenilyn Anderson)
Claire Corbridge (Carmen Hall)
Sadie Atwood (Carmen Hall)
Bethany Olsen (Amy Merkley)
Lucie Stephenson (Sarah Mano)
Kate Child (Daniel Olsen)

Division IIB
Martin Zanazzi (Sheralyn Heath)
Michael Brinton (Cheryl Norman)
Wyatt Horton (Susan Baugh)
Boston Bybee (Christy Alger)
Kate Skousen (Susan Baugh)
Levi Gough (Cheryl Norman)
Sam Backman (Daniel Olsen)
Eden Beck (Jill Ensign)
Elia Beck (Cheryl Norman)
Parker Fillmore (Connie Manwaring)
Allison Walters (Elaine Brantley)
Kira Lund (Elaine Brantley)
Cassidy Merrell (Marci Merrell)
Kathryn McNaughtan (Daniel Olsen)
Quin Osmond (Janalyn Hyde)

Honorable Mention
Jacob Harkness (Debbie Augustus)